Nacho Grande– Tri-colored tortilla chips with our housemade chili, smothered with our Mexican cheese blend, tomatoes, jalapenos, black olives & green onion. 12

Colossal Shrimp Cocktail– Four colossal sized shrimp with our housemade cocktail sauce. 11

Steamer of Clams & Mussels– Baby clams & cultured mussels steamed in a garlic white wine butter sauce. 16

Ginger Mandarin Caramel Brie– Double cream brie baked in a French puff pastry served over a spiced Mandarin orange reduction & topped with caramel & walnuts. 15

Shrimp-Crab Cakes– Served with a spicy remoulade. 7

Fresh Jumbo Pretzel– Housemade baked pretzel served with spicy brown mustard or chipotle cheese sauce. 5

Vegetarian Risotto Cake– Served with our spicy tomato ranch. 5

Stuffed Portobello– Fresh Porotobello mushroom stuffed with ground veal, basil, crumbled gorgonzola &  baked under a roasted red pepper cream sauce. 13

Baked Bruschetta– Fresh baked French baguette topped with marinated balsamic tomatoes, pesto, melted mozzarella & drizzled with our balsamic glaze.  12

Chicken Quesadilla– Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with chicken, Mexican cheese, green onion & sweet bell peppers.  11

Smoked Shrimp Raviolis– Housemade raviolis stuffed smoked shrimp, chevron cheese, fresh parmesan, chives & roasted garlic, topped with a mushroom cream sauce.  13

Classic Buffalo Wings– Tossed in our classic buffalo wing sauce, BBQ, Cajun rub, Buffalo-Cajun or Hot BBQ.  Served with celery and bleu cheese or ranch.  11

Boneless Buffalo Wings– House breaded buffalo chicken served with bleu cheese dressing. Small plate 5/Full order 10

Black Bean Phyllo Wrap– Southwest vegetarian black beans with risotto & Mexican cheeses wrapped and baked in phyllo dough.  Small plate 6/Full order 10

Romano Crusted Chicken Tenders– All natural chicken tenders seared in a fresh grated pecorino romano crust.  Served with a spicy tomato ranch.  Small plate 5/Full order 11

Baked Corn Taquitos– Slow roasted southwest steak & chicken wrapped, then baked in fresh corn tortillas.  Small plate 6/Full order 12

Stuffed Banana Peppers– Sauteed banana peppers stuffed with ground veal, basil, grated romano & asiago.  Served with our housemade marinara.  Small plate 6/Full order 14

Crab-Shrimp Strudel– Maryland blue crab & baby Campeche shrimp baked in phyllo dough.  Served atop chipotle porchini mushroom essence.  Small plate 7/Full order 15

Szechaun Beef Skewers– Seared tenderloin tips served aside a traditional Szechaun sauce.  Small plate 6/Full order 11