Small Plate Menu

Shrimp-Crab Cake
with a spicy tomato remoulade – 7 

Fresh Baked Jumbo Pretzel
scratch-made pretzel
with spicy brown mustard – or
with chipotle cheddar cheese sauce – 5

Vegetarian Risotto Cake
served with a spicy tomato ranch – 5

Schezuan Beef Skewer
seared tenderloin tips served with traditional schezuan sauce *GF – 6

Baked Corn Taquitos
one steak and one chicken taquito wrapped in fresh corn tortillas *GF – 6

Stuffed Banana Pepper
Hungarian long hot pepper stuffed with grated Romano, fresh basil, ground veal, asiago cheese served atop a fresh homemade marinara *GF – 6 

Crab-Shrimp Strudel
Maryland blue crab & baby campeche shrimp baked in a phyllo dough served atop a chipotle-porcini mushroom essence – 7

Romano Crusted Chicken Tenders
tenders seared in fresh grated Romano crust served with a spicy homemade
tomato ranch dip – 5

Boneless Buffalo Wings
lightly breaded and seared in Trans Fat Free Sunflower oil – 5

Black Bean Phyllo Wrap
served with pablano and sour cream – 6